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Yes I know it’s an old sản phẩm but matte lips are pretty in style even now.

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I think the concept of this product was khổng lồ help girl get the gradient lips much easily.


Remember Sulli with this look?

Etude always come up withvsuch pretty lip products that I couldn’t resist getting this.

The concept of this lip product was to lớn have rose petal lips, soft & matte shades which can give you very elegant lips.

The packaging

The concept of this hàng hóa was Victorian rose. Very elegant & all about rose.

I really like all these roses on the packaging.

Most of the writing is in Korean, but you vì chưng have a part in English.

On the đứng top of the box, you can find the màu sắc of the liptint.

Outside the box, this is what it looks like. I guess it is shaped in a petal at the end and the tube is in the màu sắc of the shade.

These are pretty handy as well as they fit in your hand.

The color

When these came out, I think there were 6 original colors. But because of their success they came out with more colors.


The additional colors came out with a different box as well.

The new colors came in a dark red box but with the same English rose design.


You can apply this lip tint in two ways : you can either dab it with the mousse applicator. You can color your lips all over with it.

This is the applicator where you can see there is a small opening where the sản phẩm comes out of.

Here is the lip tint which has a creamy texture. Please be warn that the tube is pretty hard lớn press, it will take a couple of try to lớn get the product out!

Does it look good on me?

I have 3 shades of these lip tints but I’ve only used 2 of them.

Let’s see the swatches of shade 4 & 7.

As you can see, shade 4 is a warm pink color and shade 7 is more of a beige pink.

Under direct sunlight the colors look warmer.

I must say I wasn’t a real fan of these first. I really did not like the “matteness” of the màu sắc and the result.

After some try I finally found a way to lớn make it work.

First here are my lips bare with no lipbalm or lip base.

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Here are my lips with shade 7 : it’s the same shade on both picture but because of the lighting the outlook can look different.

Now here are my lips with the shade 7 but I added shade 4 on the inside of my lips.

Don’t you think it looks nicer this way?

Because after a while the matte effect and the creamy texture makes your lips look dry I usually apply lipgloss on top.

I know it defeats the purpose of this product, but it looks so much nicer and I don’t finish up with cracky lips with lipgloss on top! Plus it lasts longer this way

Just my preference.

You can really play with these liptints and make the finish you prefer.

Here is a summary in picture of the shades on my lips.


I think calling these liptint is incorrect.

Unlike liptints, these vày not “tint”your lips.

All in all these are my observations:


♡Perfect for people who lượt thích matte shades♡Very creamy on the lips♡Has a slight rose scent like Anna Sui product♡Lovely colors for a Fall look♡I really live the rose pattern on the box♡lasting power nguồn is around 3-4 hours if you don’t eat or drink♡easily removed with makeup remover♡ the applicator does make it easy khổng lồ apply on the lips. No need lớn use your fingertips.♡can be easily spread


♤not for people who lượt thích matte finish♤can make your lips look dry if you only use this♤ makes cracky lips even more cracky looking♤ this is not a LIPTINT despite it’s name, it’s more a cream lipstick than anything else♤ the tube is really hard to lớn press on, it is hard khổng lồ control the amount that comes out

All in all, this is an okay hàng hóa but I don’t think I’ll ever use it like it was intended to.

When I made my last massive purchase at Rose
Shop (haul video clip to come soon) I couldn’t stop myself from picking up Rosy Tint Lips from Etude House’s &Rose Collection. I use quite a few different Etude House products, partly because I’m an absolute sucker for their pink princess paradise style packaging and that they’re very affordable, which makes it easy for me khổng lồ try new things without the guilty smack lớn my wallet.

These lip tints looked so cute and I loved the creamy texture that was promised from the product photos. As I had trouble picking what colours I wanted (which happens all the time – Sophia realised that it’s reflected in the way that I shop. I can never choose between colours so I just grab everything và decide later on, which I think is a bit like sweeping the issue under the rug), I got three!



These are the official photos of the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips products. You can see why I was so uncontrollably seduced by that creamy swipe of beautiful colour!

The colours that I ended up getting was #1 Before Blossom, #5 Before Peony và #8 After Blossom. I was personally the most excited for After Blossom because I’ve recently started khổng lồ love more intense lip colours, something which I previously never wore.

Before writing this review, I also had a look at some other bloggers and (as I think this hàng hóa has been around for quite a while) I noticed that some people’s swatches had products that were quite watery? This wasn’t what I found with my products at all and I’m certain that everything I received from Rose
Shop was 100% genuine, so I ask that people be careful about where you’re buying your cosmetics from. No matter what brand it is, don’t buy things that are suspiciously cheaper than the RRP.

It could also be that they have since changed their formula and I’m worrying too much though.


And here we go with my swatches! I’ve never have to photograph swatches before so I apologize that I haven’t got it quite right yet but I’m trying to get them as accurate as possible (and nearly dislocated my shoulder to lớn get this shot).


When the tube is squeezed, a tiny bit of the hàng hóa comes out which can then be applied và blended out with the spongy applicator. I don’t think I have anything else that has used this applicator before but, contrary khổng lồ some other reports, I actually quite like it!

I felt that the sponge gave me a very even finish và actually smoothed out my lips more. When I use slightly drier lip products, I always worry that my lips will become really flaky, but I find that they felt so satin like and smooth after that I watched khổng lồ rub them on everything.

There’s not much of a scent either which is good & the tip is easily removed for cleaning (or maybe if you would lượt thích to use a lip brush instead). Packaging looks really dễ thương too is a bit difficult to lớn use as the tube is quite hard lớn squeeze. It does mean that it’s quite sturdy though.

The colour pay-off is definitely softer than in the official photos though maybe I just needed to use more. I felt that Before Peony (#5) was a little too light for my liking và the creamy consistency of the product in combination with the applicator does tend to feather it a lot, which is good if you want the gradient look. If you look a nice, strong & luscious full lip like in the official photos though, I think you will definitely need a brush.


A creamy lip colour that leaves a tint và satiny finish, best used for gradient lips.


Cute packaging
Minimal ScentVery creamy texture with a soft, satin finish
Leaves lips feeling lượt thích a baby’s butt (no seriously)Easily cleaned (and unique) applicator
Relatively good colour selection


Tube is difficult to squeeze
Pigmentation is softer than promisedWill transfer & rub offIs not actually moisturising?
Applicator makes the colour feather
Difficult to get a full, intense coverage


Yes, because I’m quite curious khổng lồ try all of the other colours. I’m thinking that I might pick a few more (or the rest) up when I go khổng lồ Korea next as I bởi want to lớn try them before buying them lớn get a better idea of the colour.

However, I don’t think that they will became a staple cống phẩm for me lượt thích Peri’s Ink.


I bought mine from Rose
Shop where they retail for $7.46USD (the equivalent of the Korean RRP) but is on sale at the moment for $5.59USD. Of course, you can also tìm kiếm for it on the official Etude House website where you will find more images and full colour options.

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